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The Lover


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This is the first story ever written by POECRAFT. Presented for you here in its entirety.


The Lover

He pulled her close, kissed her softly, and undressed her. He lovingly placed her on the bed and proceeded to undress himself. He took a few moments to catch his reflection in the full-length mirror that was attached to her bedroom door, and then joined her.
He kissed her again, this time with all of the passion that had built up inside of him during his months of preparation for this moment. It was to be the first time they had made love.
He was gentle with her, not being the most confident or practiced when it came to lovemaking, he was determined nonetheless to succeed where he had so oft failed. He continued to gently kiss her as they made love, always being sure to keep his gaze fixed on her eyes. It wasnt just the fact that the book he had read about how to be a better lover had suggested this technique, although that was what first attracted him to her eyes, he was searching for something. He searched for some sign, even an insignificant one, which would show him that she was enjoying herself. He found none.
The look that he did find did not surprise him.
He was used to that look of disappointment, of apathy. It had been with him all of his life, mocking him. It was his constant enemy. It was his only friend. Nothing that he ever did was good enough. Not for this most heinous of Companions, and certainly not for her.
He became angry. Violent.
Not outwardly so, however, these emotions were kept on the inside. His exterior remained unchanged by his feelings of pain and hatred.
He was still transfixed on her eyes, trying so desperately to please her. Failing in his every attempt.
His Companion was laughing at him. Reminding him that he wasnt good enough, that he never would be, just as he never was. And who would know better.
It had been there for as long as he could remember. It had always been there. It knew his deepest fears, and reveled in every one of them. It new his insecurities, and added to there justification. It also knew something else, something much more important. It knew his weakness.
He didnt know what It looked like, for he had never seen his Companion, but he could hear It. He could always hear It.
The distraction had caused him to last longer than he usually did. At least in that he could take some solace. Now that his focus had returned to him he quickly finished, leaving his lover disappointed, his companion satisfied.
He moved off of her, whispering an apology.
He rose, lit a cigarette, and walked to the window. It began to say something about his improved stamina with that sarcastic tone that his Companion always used in such a situation. He wasnt really paying attention anyway. He stood there at the window, completely naked, smoking his cigarette.
As he stood there, in the darkness, he thought about life. How much that he wished his could have gone differently. He wished that his life could have beennormal. He wanted to jump from that window and end his life, silence It forever. This too he would prove insufficient at.
No matter.
He walked back to the bed, exhibiting now the confidence that he had been lacking before, and inhaled the last drag from his smoke. He stared at her, his eyes penetrating her in ways that his body never could.
He smiled as he put his cigarette out on her exposed breast.
He was glad that he hadnt taken longer to finish, for she had begun to turn cold.
He once again looked over at the mirror. What a pretty couple they would have made. If only she hadntbeen like the rest of them.
No matter.
He dressed, and searched the room for any of his other belongings. He wrapped her up in the blanket that they had made love on and carried her down to the trunk of his car.
He had gotten what he had come for, and he was finished with her.
There was something better out there for him. He would have that life he dreamed of. No matter what the cost. He had shown her what he was capable of. He would show them all.
And for the first time the Companion found itself in complete agreement.

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